Casino Tampere to be Opened in December 2021

Casino Tampere to be opened in December 2021

Veikkaus’ new casino, Casino Tampere, will be opened on the arena premises in December 2021.
Right from its inauguration, Casino Tampere will be a trendsetter of the European casino world as a builder of a responsible gaming environment and a new type of an arena casino. All the games at the casino (slots and table games) will be subject to full authentication. The same system and the same tools for the self-control of gaming will already be adopted at Casino Helsinki in spring 2021.

– Veikkaus’ casinos will be trailblazers in responsible gaming. The authentication provides our customers tools for gaming control, which they can use to manage their gaming by, for example, setting limits on their gaming or opting for a total gaming ban, says Sami Aiho, General Manager of Casino Tampere.

Even at present, all the customers entering Casino Helsinki must already register themselves. After the reform, the customers at the casino must also always show their Casino Cards whilst playing slots or table games. The authentication system differs from Veikkaus’ other arcades and points of sales, where you must be a Loyal Customer to authenticate yourself.

– You can only join as a Loyal Customer if you are living permanently in Finland. We have a lot of foreign guests at the casino, so the compulsory authentication linked to your Veikkaus Card is not an option, says Tiina Siltanen, General Manager at Casino Helsinki.

We will require authentication on Veikkaus’ decentralized slot machines (e.g. stores, kiosks, service stations, and restaurants) starting from January next year. Veikkaus’ goal is to extend the full authentication to cover even the Pelaamo and Feel Vegas arcades by the end of June 2021. Achieving this goal will require amendments either to the law or the decrees.

Casino Tampere will be a new type of an arena casino with a modern and bright design, and a verdant place for adult arena guests to enjoy themselves.

– Casino Tampere will be designed in cooperation with specialists of different fields. We will have Finnish front-row interior designers, together with AV and media specialists working on the project. The interior design of the casino will be a combination of Finnishness – wood and forest – with digital personalized experience surfaces. The special areas for lounge and social gaming will live to the pace of the events at the UROS LIVE arena, offering new kinds of products and ways of responsible gaming. Throughout the experience arena, you can also take part in real-time mobile games if you are a registered Loyal Customer of Veikkaus, Mr Aiho describes the new casino.

According to preliminary plans, Casino Tampere will employ ca. 80 people. We will start recruiting casino staff step by step after the turn of the year.

– Most of the employees will be working within customer service at the casino’s different customer service points. Casino Tampere will get its traditional table games and casino slots, and we are also planning to introduce new types of entertaining and social games. The staff will be trained with special focus on a working environment which is unique even on an international scale, and where responsibility, a personalized customer experience, and memorable experiences will be first priorities, says Mr Aiho.

Source: official website Veikkaus


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