Ghana National Lottery Authority


The NLA provides an enviable corporate platform that encourages creativity, innovation and best management practices. We come from various academic and professional backgrounds, with different experiences and areas of specialization, but our varied abilities are able to find a unique blend and complete harmony in the NLA’s environment resulting in efficiency and high productivity.

Over the years the organization has worked hard to create and preserve a thriving working environment that encourages our ingenuity as workers, tapping deep into our acquired expertise and knowledge, and utilizing our skills in ways that are most creative and fulfilling.

Our passions are ignited each day as we work on varied tasks and assignments aimed at developing new products or improving existing ones, strengthening the bond between our core staff, retailers and ultimate customers, as well as improving our modes of delivery and maximizing the value for our ultimate customers.

One of the things that continuously inspires and brings us joy is the sensitivity of our organization to issues of social importance and public welfare. Various projects are commissioned to launch various social interventions in the areas of Health, Education and the preservation of our Cultural Heritage.


John Evans Atta Mills High St, Accra, Ghana


+233 30 2678010


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