Platipus’ New Game Diamond Hunt is Officially Released Now! 

The year is slowly coming to an end, the snow is slowly descending on the rooftops covering the world in white… A perfect time to travel to the hot jungles of Africa with Platipus newest game – Diamond Hunt! From what we heard, volcanologists predict that a great diamond volcano eruption is about to happen. So, grab your shovels, fireproof gear, and prepare to set out for beautiful crystals. All you need to do is to make your way through capricious jungle where danger lies behind every corner. Profit too, as winning combinations in this game form both from left to right and from right to left. 

But should you succeed in finding 10 or more precious stones, you will receive at least 15 free spins, and at most 250!!! But even that is not all! On every free spin you will get a random multiplier that will increase your round wins, and should you find at least 10 more diamonds you will get even more freespins, stacking up almost to infinity! (hypothetically)

A rich jungle, dangerous animals lurking at every corner, exploding volcano and bonanza of crystals! What more is there to wish for? Be first to set your foot into this untamed land in Platipus` new game – Diamond Hunt 💎

The game is already available on our partners websites, but you can also play it  for FREE following the link here!


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