Secret of Dead unveils the next chapter in Play’n GO’s popular Book of Dead series

Secret of Dead unveils the next chapter in Play’n GO’s popular Book of Dead series

The next edition of The Book of Dead series sees the next step in the journey for Ancient Egypt’s hidden treasures. Secret of Dead follows on from the successful Scroll of Dead, which was one of Play’n GO’s top performing games last year – it’s clear that the story is far from over.

This attention to narrative and progression that Play’n GO is well known for ups the entertainment factor. Using their knowledge of the tools that were uncovered in Legacy of Dead and Scroll of Dead, players of this series know what to expect before they start gameplay, creating a solid foundation of trust which lends to the success of these titles.

For those who haven’t played the games in this series before, the opulent visuals offset by the popular Egyptian theme is sure to keep new players at the edge of their seats.

Head of Games, Charlotte Miliziano said,

“This series is a great example of bigger picture thinking. Our portfolio isn’t about individual titles, it’s about a diverse catalogue of premium quality games that pack a punch when it comes to player entertainment.
Players have an affinity to follow up games as they know what to expect and trust that they’re going to be entertained. They’ve followed the story so far and want to know what happens next, just like when a good book is left on an agonising cliff-hanger.”

Source: official website Play’n GO


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