The Dutch Gambling Authority has received 28 applications for Online Licensing

The Dutch Gambling Commission has received 28 applications for Online Licensing

The Gaming Authority (KSA) has so far received 28 applications for a permit to offer online gambling in the Netherlands. On 1 april, the law on distance gambling (KOA), which legalises online gambling under strict conditions, entered into force.

The online gambling market will open on 1 October 2021. The companies that meet all the conditions will be granted a permit. Among other things, it assesses whether an applicant has adequate policies to prevent gambling addiction, is a healthy company that handles player funds in a responsible manner and has a connection to the Central Register exclusion of gambling (Cruks). The applications which have now been submitted are eligible for a permit to operate from 1 October.

Sufficiently varied offer.
René Jansen, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ksa, is satisfied with the provisional number of applications. ‘The purpose of the law is to channel players from illegal providers to legally reliable providers. With this number of applications, I am confident that there will soon be a sufficiently attractive and varied offer to achieve this objective.’

A permit application will only be processed when the fee of 48,000 Euros has been paid – that is the case with the 28 applications. A provider who manages to obtain a licence can thus offer games of chance via different websites.

Koa law modernizes gambling policy.
The Koa Act supplements and amends the Gambling Act. Protecting the player better is the goal of the law. The law modernizes the Dutch Gambling Policy. Legalising and regulating online gambling is the most striking innovation. Furthermore, the law tightens the requirements in the field of addiction prevention for all risky games of Chance (online and landborden). There will also be additional and new provisions on advertising and recruitment.

Origin Source official website Dutch Gambling Authority


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