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About BOS
The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling, or BOS (Branschföreningen för Onlinespel), represents gambling companies and game developers that target Swedish consumers. All of our B2C members hold a Swedish gambling license. This is a prerequisite for membership in BOS and guarantees high quality and responsibility.

Key Issues
Gambling regulation
The gambling industry
Online gambling issues
Gambling taxation
Responsible gambling
Integrity in sports
Online gambling is the fastest growing segment of the Swedish gambling market. It’s a huge business and one of the Internet’s greatest commercial success stories. Against that background, BOS is committed to promoting a well-regulated and non-discriminatory Swedish environment for responsible gambling companies. In so doing, we share the goals of the Swedish gambling legislation:

A healthy and safe gaming market in which social protection interests and the demand for gambling offers are met under controlled conditions;
Social protection considerations should be given priority, while the interest for a diverse range of gambling offers, as well as risks of fraud and illegal gambling, are considered.

Core activities
In representing its members’ interests, BOS’s activities include:

Encouraging high standards of probity, integrity and social responsibility within the industry;
Working with authority representatives, legislators and other stakeholders to continue to develop the regime that the industry operates within;
Offering a one stop shop for information and expertise for those seeking to understand the industry;
Providing a forum for the industry to share knowledge, agree on policies, share resources and adopt strategic responses to common challenges.

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