How gamification helps to retain online casino players

One of the most popular trends in the iGaming sector is gamification. Loyalty programs allow operators to optimize relationships with users, and “games within games” maximize gameplay. 

In the face of fierce competition and an increasingly demanding audience looking for new experiences, operators have to remain flexible and personalize their offers. In this regard, many brands gamify their platforms by rewarding users who subscribe to their newsletter, make a deposit, or play a certain number of rounds. There are several forms of gamification, and the initiative can come from both the operator and the provider. 

Forms of gamification — an operator’s initiative

Online casino operators use various promotional tools to attract new users and reward the most active players. It is doubly convenient for them if they have the opportunity to set up a bonus campaign through the backend system of the casino. This is one of the many functions included in software provided by Slotegrator, a developer of solutions for the gambling business with 10 years of experience. 

  • Loyalty programs

One of the fundamental methods of retention are loyalty programs — systems with rewards for players who regularly visit the casino. Earning points motivates users to stay on the platform and keep making deposits. The more points a player has, the higher his level, and respectively, the better his bonuses. In addition, a psychological factor is triggered: users with a higher status feel their importance.

Usually, loyalty programs have from 3 to 6 levels — bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and elite/VIP.

Some iGaming sites give players the first level automatically after the first deposit, while others wait for a certain period to send an invitation request. The base levels usually provide users with daily free spins and regular promotions.

Higher levels unlock status upgrades and individual rewards. Elite or VIP levels offer weekly bonus spins, exclusive rewards, invitations to VIP events, faster withdrawal of winnings, and the accompaniment of a personal account manager.

  • Selected bonuses

Welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, loyalty bonuses, activity bonuses, or cross-channel play can all appeal to players — the list depends on the operator’s imagination and the specifics of the platform.

  • Tournaments and leaderboards 

Competition is traditionally the engine of progress. Casino operators use players’ desire to rise to the top by organizing tournaments, and the most successful users are displayed in the leaderboard. In addition to getting on the leaderboards, players receive prizes in the form of bonuses and credits. 

Game gamification — a provider’s initiative 

In recent years, iGaming providers have jumped on the gamification trend and started to offer additional features. Innovators successfully introduce new functionality into the game engines of their platforms to remain competitive and popular among online casino operators. 

  • Level traversal 

One of the most common elements of gamification is level traversal. Players feel better and better every time they achieve a higher status. So, the player does not stop at any of the levels, but continues to play in the online casino. 

  • Missions and tasks 

Goals add a higher level of interest to a game. Although missions are not as popular as tournaments, they do increase player retention. After completing the next mission, the user receives a prize and the opportunity to proceed to the next task. Some iGaming platforms turn this into a full-fledged adventure — the player moves around on the map, fights enemies, and so on. The plots are fictitious, but they create a much more immersive gaming experience. 

Gamification is extremely effective for attracting new visitors and retaining experienced players. That’s why Slotegrator’s partners include iGaming providers that use a detailed gamification system. The operator can integrate gambling content into their platform using APIgrator. The protocol integrates more than 7,000 certified games from more than 85 licensed developers, including slots, live dealers games, poker, virtual sports, and card and casual games. 

Modern players pay close attention to the quality, functionality, and mathematics of games. APIgrator allows you to integrate interesting and unusual games with high-quality graphics and smooth animation solutions. The wide range of available games includes classic themes and innovative new designs.

Integrating game content with APIgrator helps operators save time, minimize costs, and cut down on administrative work. Instead of comparing game content providers and signing separate contracts with each of them, operators can sign a single contract for a full, diverse portfolio of games. There’s no due diligence required: Slotegrator has established long-term trusted partnerships with all the game developers. By concluding one contract, the online casino operator gets access to the offers and promotional tools of any of the providers.


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