Macau’s Average Daily Flight Capacity Reaches 70% of Pre-Pandemic Levels

Macau's Average Daily Flight Capacity Reaches 70% of Pre-Pandemic Levels

Macau’s Daily Flight Capacity and Destination Numbers Show Positive Recovery. Macau’s daily flight capacity has now returned to 70% of its 2019 levels, with 43 destinations being served, according to the Macau Civil Aviation Authority (AACM). The number of destinations represents 60% of pre-pandemic levels, and includes 27 cities in mainland China and 16 international destinations, reaching 70% and 50% of pre-COVID levels, respectively.

AACM Director Simon Chan noted this positive recovery on Thursday, which is expected to further drive tourism and support the city’s economy.

“Starting from the end of March, the number of flights per week will be 480, which is half of the number before the pandemic,” Chan said.
After Sunday, when summer flights start, 28 airlines will be operating in Macau, and the number of flights will be back to 70% of what it was before the pandemic.”

Macau’s  airport concessionaire, Macau International Airport Company Ltd, revealed that average daily passenger volume has rebounded to between 9,000 and 10,000.

“With the implementation of the Sunday summer schedule, the Southeast Asia route will gradually recover and the average daily passenger volume could exceed 10,000 by then. The airline expects a faster recovery on the Southeast Asia route, with more international passengers coming from Bangkok,” the company said.

Air Macau stated earlier this week that it would gradually increase flights to Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia from 26 March.

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