How to Choose an Online Casino Software Provider

How to Choose an Online Casino Software Provider

Finding a reliable gambling business solution developer can be even more challenging than coming up with an idea for a project or a business plan. 

The IT sector is one of the most dynamic segments of the global economy, and economic laws of supply and demand apply to digital solution developers as much as they do to everything else. If you find yourself flooded by offers, Slotegrator — an experienced gambling business solution provider — has compiled a checklist of criteria you can use to evaluate your options.

Which developer can you trust? Entrepreneurs place a high value of effective investment, and results are paramount. Success is influenced by the quality of the platform, business strategy, advertising efforts, and more. It also depends on a platform’s game portfolio — one of the first things players look for. Diverse game content and a well-functioning platform will keep players happy, instead of leaving negative reviews on player forums. Reliable software from trusted providers is one of the most effective ways to attract and retain customers.

№1 Is it easy to work with the company? 

Each software solution provider has its own approach to development and its own project management methodology. Operation models vary from company to company, as do their effectiveness. 

Slotegrator offers a clear, simple, and effective workflow for new clients:

  1. Free consultation, where the operator can discuss his plans for his iGaming business and ask questions.
  2. If the operator wants to test a demo version of the platform, both parties sign an NDA — keeping development information confidential.
  3. After the NDA is signed, the operator prepares a brief that specifies how the site should look, what games are needed, what payment methods are preferred, etc.
  4. The Slotegrator team evaluates the project and makes a final proposal with a development timeframe, usually not exceeding three months.
  5. After approval, Slotegrator signs an agreement with the operator and starts development.
  6. When ready, the platform is handed over to the operator; the business is ready to launch.
  7. Slotegrator account managers always stay in touch.

№2 Completeness of services – on the example of Slotegrator solutions

Is it possible to get the whole range of services in one place? 

Multifunctional Turnkey software provides a quick start and easy management of the gambling site. The platform is usually launched in three months or less and technical support is provided. Slotegrator’s Turnkey Casino is a customizable user interface that includes games, payment systems, business intelligence, which helps evaluate and manage business performance, a bonus module for developing a loyalty program, and the ability to integrate third-party extensions and modules. Essentially, the platform includes everything that an online casino or sportsbook should have. 

White Label is another comprehensive solution, but designed for experienced operators. This is a combination of technical and business solutions, which includes the development of an online casino platform and also provides the operator with the opportunity to operate under Curacao sublicense. The operator receives not only technical support for the platform, but also B2C support for players. A technical solution, an exclusive design, an API for integrating game content, payment systems, bonus modules — Slotegrator’s White Label Casino includes everything that is in Turnkey, as well as a business structure, sublicense, and B2C support.

The company offers operation under its own business structure and even a sub-license.

What about a single service 

Operators often want to increase the number of games on their platform. The APIgrator solution allows you to quickly integrate more than 5,000 certified games from more than 75 licensed developers into your online casino, including slots, live dealer games, poker, virtual sports, and card and casual games. 

APIgrator allows you to save time, reduce costs, and cut back on administrative work — instead of negotiating and signing contracts separately with each game content provider, operators sign a single contract with Slotegrator. Due diligence is not required: Slotegrator has a longstanding, well-established partnership with all of the game developers involved. By concluding one contract, the online casino operator also gets access to the providers’ offers and promotional tools. 

The possibilities of integrating payment systems can be implemented according to the same principle. Slotegrator can also help in obtaining a gambling license or in promoting an online casino. All this suggests that the company is attentive to any point request of the client. 

№3 How does the company respond to non-standard requests? 

If the developer accepts all your suggestions, this is a reason to be on the lookout. This could indicate a lack on inspiration on their part. Pay attention to how correctly and professionally the developer proposes to make changes to your choice of technologies and whether he has his own innovative solutions.

For example, Slotegrator is ready to offer operators who want to expand their offer and cover new segments of players a whole line of additional solutions. One of them is a Telegram Casino. 

The best-selling and most talked-about bot-based mobile gambling solution, Telegram Casino opens the door to attract a new segment of players. This is an alternative way to play, where the back-end management system allows you to control notifications and mailings, content, components, etc. The UX of the application replaces the classic front-end website. Telegram casino is synchronized with the main platform, and allows you to set up bonuses and payment methods. Telegram Casino can be a standalone product or an alternative interface of the online casino platform.

№4 Will they teach you how to use the product?

A reliable supplier will make sure that you understand how the solution they offer — and the gambling business in general — operates. Thanks to the intuitive and self-explanatory control system, Slotegrator’s solutions are easy to master. 

In addition, the company offers legal advice and helps operators to decide on a jurisdiction, acquire a license, and understand the specifics of the market. Operators do not need to worry about the licensing process: Slotegrator’s lawyers will go through it step by step with them.

If you are interested in the question of how to choose an online casino or sportsbook developer, these criteria will help you weed out unreliable candidates and make the right choice. Now you know what to pay attention to and what to expect from working with Slotegrator.


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