Casino Canberra’s Performance is Almost Back to pre-pandemic Levels

Casino Canberra's Performance is Almost Back to pre-pandemic Levels

Aquis Entertainment Limited ACN 147 411 881 (Aquis or the Company) (ASX: AQS) advises that under the current Covid-19 restrictions mandated by the ACT Government, Casino Canberra maintains capacity for patron visitationat 1 person 4 sqm of usable indoor space, giving a maximum of 505 patrons across the premises, based on the square meterage of the property. The business continues to operate according to its Covid Safety Plan, as required by the ACT Government, which is reviewed daily and updated based on the latest advice issued by the ACT Government.

As previously reported, Casino Canberra was eligible for phase two of the Federal Government’s JobKeeper Payment scheme from 28 September 2020 to 3 January 2021. Casino Canberra’s trading performance over the December 2020 quarter was strong and returned to approximately pre-Covid levels. Based on the assessment of the operating performance against employer eligibility requirements, Casino Canberra is not eligible for phase three of the JobKeeper payment scheme and will cease claims for JobKeeper subsidy payments effective from 4 January 2021. All employees were recalled to full capacity during the December 2020 quarter.

Origin Source: official release Aquis Entertainment


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