Veikkaus to install loss limit tool on slots from September

The state gambling monopoly Veikkaus will launch a tool on its slot machines next month to allow players to limit their losses.

The feature will allow players to choose the limit to place on their accounts. Finland’s Ministry of the Interior has already set a mandatory maximum loss limit of €500 euros per day and €2,000 euros per month, however, Veikkaus will encourage players to set their own lower limits.

Since January, players have had to authenticate their identity using a Veikkaus ID card to use slot machines, which can be located in stores, restaurants, service stations and the operator’s own arcades. This allows the operator to track players’ losses across all products, from slots to online gaming.

Veikkaus communications manager Pipsa Öhman said the move was expected to help reduce problem gambling.

She said:

“The devices know how to connect the player and the loss limits can be followed as players can no longer play anonymously.”

Veikkaus has begun negotiating with 830 staff members as it seeks to make 200 redundancies to ensure the continuity of its operations.

It said that as well as the redundancies, the employment contracts of around 330 employees could undergo substantial changes.

Minister for science and culture Antti Kurvinen has proposed that Veikkaus revenues be transferred to Finland’s state budget to safeguard funding for charities.

Noting that the state-owned monopoly’s revenue has declined, he argued that without changes, the income of charities and other groups that receive funds from Veikkaus will suffer.

Source: Focus Gaming News


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