Yggdrasil and ReelPlay team up for Bad Dingo’s Golden Haul Infinity Reels

Yggdrasil and ReelPlay team up for Bad Dingo’s Golden Haul Infinity Reels

Yggdrasil, the leading worldwide publisher of online gambling content, has struck gold in its newest Infinity Reels™ hit from Bad Dingo, supplied in partnership with ReelPlay.

Bad Dingo’s Golden Haul Infinity Reels™ sees players follow a friendly miner deep underground in search of glittering veins of wealth, as he blasts his way to unimaginable riches. Unique to Bad Dingo, landing the new Infinity Wild symbol extends the wild symbol across multiple reels. Hitting multiple Infinity Wild symbols at once provides for an incredible visual as the dynamite cart driving miner extends across the reels, explosions in his wake.

Multiple wilds frequent the reels, while any scatter symbol win triggers free spins. Common to all Infinity Reels™ games, a new reel is added for every winning spin, which increase in scope if more wins occur, with no upper limit on how many reels can be added. The symbol multiplier increases for every new reel added for huge win potential.

Golden Haul Infinity Reels™ is the latest launch from ReelPlay’s partner studios through the YG Masters program, as they continue to create innovative and exciting content through the initiative.

The game is powered by GATI, Yggdrasil’s state-of-the-art technology which enables partners to employ the preconfigured, regulation-ready, standardised development toolkit to produce consistently cutting-edge content followed by rapid distribution.

Stuart McCarthy, Head of Product and Programs at Yggdrasil, said:

“We’re extremely proud of the continued progress of our YG Masters program and this is evident through the development of ReelPlay’s growing portfolio of proprietary and partner studio games.
Golden Haul Infinity Reels™ is another thrilling addition to our YG Masters offering and we look forward to seeing how it is received.”

David Johnson, CEO at ReelPlay, said:

“Bad Dingo’s latest adventure combines proven Infinity Reels™ mechanics with a compelling math model, fun theme and simplicity of play to attract a wide audience. Golden Haul Infinity Reels™ showcases Bad Dingo’s innovation strength and we look forward to future releases via YG Masters.”

Source: Official website Yggdrasil


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