Netherlands Gaming Authority launches new action against illegal advertising

Netherlands Gaming Authority launches new action against illegal advertising

The Gaming Authority (KSA) is launching a new round of action against websites that advertise illegal online gambling, the so-called ‘affiliates’. Especially now that the opening of the legal online gambling market is imminent, the Ksa is alert to illegal providers and advertisers who still want to make their move quickly.

The Ksa conducts periodic research into affiliate marketing for online gambling. Herewith advertise online games of chance on websites. Those sites receive money when they click on the online Game of chance, such as live casinos, from their website.

During the previous round of action against affiliates, the Ksa investigated 44 websites. These were examined as a result of own observation and external reports. Sanctions were immediately imposed.

Offering online games of chance is prohibited, as is advertising these games of chance. This is going to change: on 1 april the law on distance gambling (Koa) came into force and on 1 October the online gambling market will open. The Koa Act makes it possible to apply for a licence to offer games of chance via the internet. Offering (online) games of chance without a licence remains prohibited, as is advertising for them.

Origin Source: official website KSA


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