Sinn Fein proposes restrictions on gambling ads in Ireland

Sinn Fein proposes restrictions on gambling ads in Ireland

Sinn Féin has lambasted Irish gambling regulation and put forward proposals to ban gambling ads from TV and radio between 6am and 9pm and to implement a similar ban online.

It also wants the government to look into faster age verification for online gaming via “the extension of an electoral database checking facility to enable this in a speedier fashion”.

Operators currently have 72 hours to verify age after a bet is placed.

Amid delays to the reform of gambling legislation in the country, the party accused the Irish government of “doing nothing” to tackle gambling addiction. Its spokesperson on addiction, recovery and wellbeing, Thomas Gould, described the state of Irish gambling regulations as “frightening” and “unbelievable”.

He called for the government to immediately create an independent gambling regulator – something that the government has announced plans for under a new Gambling Bill slated for next month.

The minister of state for justice, James Browne, pledged to introduce legislation in September to reform Irish gambling and create an “extremely powerful” gambling regulator by the end of the year.

He said the regulator would eventually have 100 employees and would have the power to develop regulations and to impose fines.

Meanwhile, the Irish president, Michael D Higgins, has criticised gambling advertising on television as dangerous and destructive. However, Gould said the government had failed to deliver on such commitments in the past.

He said:

“We’re asking the government to have a look at our document and see what can be put in place.”

Source: Focus Gaming News


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