The Request for Withdrawal of the Winamax “Tout pour la Daronne” Advertisement

The Request for Withdrawal of the Winamax "Tout pour la Daronne" Advertisement

Following the publication of the guidelines, which was preceded by several exchanges with gambling operators, the ANJ is currently reviewing certain commercial communications to assess their compliance with the guidelines.

It appears from this analysis that the Winamax film “Tout pour la Daronne” conveys the message that sports betting can contribute to social success, understood as upward social mobility or a change in social status, in this case that of the mother and her son thanks to the profit he made from a successful sports bet.

For this reason, the ANJ panel ordered Winamax to withdraw its commercial entitled “Tout pour la Daronne” from all distribution media within one month of the decision being notified.

This is the first time that the ANJ has exercised this power to withdraw a commercial communication.

Source: official Website ANJ


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